Our New Division: Assurance Business Valuators

by Nadine Swain

Assurance Business Valuators

We've recently launched a new division: Assurance Business Valuators, which is dedicated to business valuation services. 

With baby boomers reaching retirement age, an increase in merger and acquisition activity, and advances in technology paving the way for new business formation, the new division is well-timed. "The new division benefits our entire portfolio of clients," said Chad Thompson. "Insurance companies are often faced with claims for loss of business value in the context of certain commercial general liability claims. Also, attorneys and individuals with valuation issues that don't rise to the level of requiring a forensic investigation now have a cost-effective alternative."

The formation of the specialized business valuation division, coupled with the ability to draw upon the resources of the forensic team when needed, creates a very unique offering for our clients.

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