Fast turnaround

The Pledge:

One day response: We acknowledge all assignments, make contact with the insured/claimant and return all calls within one day.

Ten day Turnaround: Once we receive all necessary documentation, we work to complete our evaluation and issue a report within 10 business days.


The Proof:

“I just got off the phone with the insured and she said you were very pleasant to work with. Thanks again for making things happen so quickly.”

- Unit Manager, Property claims

“I was directed to use a firm out of New York but requested that they let me give this to you since you are years faster and I am always able to get a response from you.”

- General Adjuster, Property claims

Always Accessible

The Pledge:

Through our Instant Messaging platform, File Center and Status Request application our clients always know where we stand.


The Proof:

“As expected, Assurance Forensic Accounting is always on top of their files.”

- Senior Claims Representative, Property claims

“I really appreciate your prompt responses. Not only on this claim but all the ones I have assigned to you.” 

- General Adjuster, Property claims

Straightforward reports

The Pledge:

We prepare our reports with the nonaccountant in mind. Our commitment to thorough and straightforward reports has led to a copyrighted format.


The Proof:

“The claimant acknowledged your calculation was more accurate. Your report made the issues very clear.”

- Claims Representative, Commercial Liability

“I haven’t received one complaint on your calculations.”

– Field Claims Manager, Property Claims

The guarantee

The Pledge:

We are so confident in our ability to deliver top quality work and service that we proudly offer a 100% service guarantee. While we do not guarantee a specific outcome, if you are not completely satisfied with our service, we will accept the portion of our fee that reflects your level of satisfaction; even if that means no fee at all.


The Proof:

“Quite possibly the best forensic accounting firm available.”

- Claims Director

“You are the third CPA firm I have dealt with on these claims, and by far the best to work with”

-Technical Specalist, Property Claims