For the business affected by fraud, we provide an Investigation. This service involves:

  • A thorough examination aimed at documenting the fraud and identifying the parties involved.
  • Communication of findings to management, owners/executives, corporate boards or shareholders.
  • A report documenting the fraud that can be used as the basis for criminal prosecution or recovery through insurance.

Our team has performed thousands of Investigations resulting in uncovering millions of dollars in fraud. We have extensive experience with the following matters:

Financial Fraud

Financial statement irregularities, Bank & loan fraud, Check kiting, Bankruptcy fraud, Ponzi schemes, Securities fraud

Employee Fraud

Cash & inventory theft, Accounts receivable skimming/lapping, Excess payroll & ghost employees, Inappropriate use of company credit cards, Fictitious expense reports

Vendor Fraud

Contract mischarging, Disbursements & shell companies, Kickbacks, Bid rigging