Catastrophe Services

Experience when it matters most.

Our forensic accounts have verified billions of dollars in losses with engagement in the largest catastrophes over the past several decades.

Quick turnaround.

We process a high volume of claims quickly. Over the past decade, we averaged a turnaround of less than 4 business days for catastrophe claims.

Technology to fill in the gaps.

In the wake of a widespread catastrophe, a lot of business records are destroyed. Fortunately, we have an extensive database with sales levels and expense ratios by industry. As a result, we can prepare an initial calculation or reserve with as little information as the company’s industry and an estimate of its annual sales.

Real-time capacity monitoring.

We know time is of the essence. Our proprietary technology allows us to monitor capacity on a real-time basis. If we do not have capacity to deliver our normal turnaround, we will let you know up front.

Let us help you with your claim.

We are a licensed Certified Public Accounting (CPA) firm specializing in forensic accounting.

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