Catastrophe Response

We have handled thousands of claims representing hundreds of millions of dollars in cumulative losses for every major catastrophe since the inception of the company. With industry leading services, we’ve earned the trust of the world’s largest companies in times of widespread catastrophe:

Fast Turnaround

With our propriety FastCalc software, we are able to manage a high volume of claims and process calculations quickly. Over the past decade, we averaged less than a 6 business day turnaround for catastrophe claims.

Mobile Catastrophe Team

We go where you need us. Whether it’s at our office, the catastrophe area or at our clients’ offices, we have a team ready for deployment.

Real-time Capacity Monitoring

Our proprietary technology allows us to monitor capacity on a real-time basis for individual accountants and the firm as a whole. If we do not have capacity to deliver our normal turnaround, we will let you know up front.

Calculations and Reserves with Minimal Information

In the wake of a widespread catastrophe, businesses may have limited records available. Fortunately, we have an extensive, dynamic database with sales levels and expense ratios by industry. As a result, we can prepare an initial calculation or reserve with as little information as the company’s industry and an estimate of its annual sales.

Customized CAT Reporting

Our proprietary information system allows us to produce custom CAT reports on demand for each client with virtually any pertinent information: outstanding claims, processing times, status, wait times, exposure, total losses, claims by industry, accounting fees and others.

How Can We Help?

We provide our clients the information and insight needed for key decisions.

We are a licensed Certified Public Accounting (CPA) firm specializing in forensic accounting.

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