Special Investigations

With most insurance claims, the insurance company and the policyholder both act prudently and professionally to reach a common goal: to put the affected party back in the same financial position as before the loss. However, there are occasions where the presence or suspicion of insurance fraud creates a roadblock to this goal. When these occasions arise, we work closely with the insurance company’s investigation unit, or law enforcement to uncover the truth. Our services include the following:

Accounting Document Analysis

Through the use of independent, third party documents, as well as analytical reviews, we determine the integrity and authenticity of the documents provided. If the documents are found to be fraudulent, altered, or suspect, we quantify the impact such documents have on the claim.

Financial Condition Review

If arson is suspected in a fire claim, we review the suspect’s financial condition to rule out or establish financial motive. We analyze financial condition on a historical, current and forward-looking basis addressing the following:

  • The ability to meet financial obligations (solvency)
  • The ability to continue meeting obligations (income and cash generation)
  • Factors that threaten operations (external constraints)

The results of our financial condition review are detailed in a comprehensive report. Since the report is based on financial facts, the conclusions are rarely subject to challenge.

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