We assist insurance companies in evaluating income and asset loss claims stemming from events such as power outages, property damage, thefts, fraud, isolated fires and flooding, as well as widespread natural disasters. We provide our services in all 50 states.

Our services involve a thorough review of the insured’s accounting documents. With the proper documents and our expertise, we determine the most appropriate methodologies to document the value of the loss. Throughout the process, we account for all of the conditions of the insurance policy. We have extensive experience with commercial property, commercial crime, general liability, business owners and manuscript policies.

Our insurance services include the following:

  • Claims Assurance – Review and analysis of income and asset loss claims
  • Catastrophe Response – High volume claims processing with fast turnaround
  • Special Investigations – In-depth analysis into questionable situations

In addition to our professionalism and technical expertise, we pride ourselves on delivering the industry’s best service. Throughout each engagement, we provide quality information and deliver a seamless experience. When you think of Assurance Forensic Accounting, think FAST.

How Can We Help?

We provide our clients the information and insight needed for key decisions.

We are a licensed Certified Public Accounting (CPA) firm specializing in forensic accounting.

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